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Post  scorpio1976 on Tue Sep 09, 2008 5:25 am

Hi there everyone

My name is Jo im 32 years old have two kids 14 and 10yrs,i have a wonderful partner that i have been with for two years in the 6 years i was on my own i decided to give up smoking and went from 68kg to a massive 112kg almost double not a good look for me im only 5ft4 my kids called me white rhino they will keep when they older lol
anyway i met my man and started to take pride in myself again started walking and taking a more positve look in life and managed to get down to 90 but what ever i do that is now where it stays.
so i decided with all the great feedback on joannes diet i would try it only started yesterday found the afternoon quite hard as i do 5am til 5pm shift by the time you get up at 4am Sleep breakfast to me is usually 6am lunch 10.30 and tea with my family, its just really hard from 10.30 til 6-7pm. i did better today waited til 8 for my breakfast and 1 for my lunch. water is the hardest i havent even finished my first 750ml pump bottle yet.are we allowed a coffee this week??or is that week 2.
i would love to be able to chat with you all to keep me motovated.

have a great afternoon


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Post  lindee on Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:44 am

Hi Jo!
well done for starting this diet plan! my partner and i have found it very good for us - even though its all practical stuff i know i should be doing, it was so much easier for someone to actually spell it out for me Razz

as for the coffee .... there's no way i could do without my kickstart cup every morning so we continued to have a cup with our breakfast. i do have mine black with no sugar so its really just like being part of the water intake Wink .

being a constant 'snacker' i was surprised to find i didn't get hungry in the first few weeks like i thought i would, but we did both get very tired by about day 3 or 4. you have such long shifts that i reckon you could snack on extra fruit between meals. or even have four meals; have a piece of toast with a thin slice of cheese around 2pm maybe? i think it all depends how your body balances the protein/carb intake thingy. Suspect and its not good for the blood sugars to go too long between meals - makes you hungrier when you do eat next. we really don't follow the plan to the letter any more because we have sort of got the idea and know what we should or shouldn't have but after a particularly big gain we do refer back to the plan for a week! Embarassed

one thing that motivates me to keep on track is keeping my weekly diary blog on here - i try really hard to be good with my eating cause i hate the thought of coming on here and having to report a GAIN !! affraid ha ha!

anyway keep at it, and don't be afraid to alter it slightly at the beginning until you get in the swing of things and then start it properly - it does work and its a healthy weight loss plan. oh, and definitely don't get bummed out with any gains - women's bodies have a mind of their own at the best of times! sunny

hope to hear about your progress,
lindee flower

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