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Self-Detoxification~ Empty Self-Detoxification~

Post  Detox on Sun Dec 07, 2008 1:54 pm

One must be wondering why anyone would choose the user name "Detox," a simple in answer in truth. I specifically choose such an alias to express my own self-detoxification; Spiritually, Physically, & Mentally. Yet for this particular forum, naturally I'm inclined to sway towards the 'physical' side of my detoxification.


Although... I'm quite anxious to start on this particular diet, I'll have to wait at least another week to start due to the small matter of 'money' & using up the 'food', I already have. (I'm frugal, in that respect)

So, overall this post of mine is more or less an 'introductory' post of sorts & with that stated let's get down to my statistics, shall we?

- - -
Gender: Female,
Age: Twenty-years of age,
Height: 5'11",
Heaviest Weight: 128kg's (More or less, a few years ago-- due to depression)
Current Weight: 100kg's, (Perhaps maybe a tad bit more-- I've never been into the habit of weighing myself)
BMI: 30.9, (Ugh! Bordering on Obesity...)

Medical Issues: PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

S/T Goal Weight: 90kg's
M/T Goal Weight: 80kg's
L/T Goal Weight: 75kg's-ish, (Although honestly, I'd be happy at reaching 80kgs)
- - -

& thus I'll end this post of mine, until next week~


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Self-Detoxification~ Empty Re: Self-Detoxification~

Post  austinsmom on Tue Dec 09, 2008 1:09 am

Hey Detox

Welcome to the.... well.... getting skinny.... yea whatever....

Well we're in about the same boat... minus me being on this diet already for 6 weeks....

Im 21, With an almost 1 year old... i weighed 101.8 6 weeks ago... im short... dont really know how short.... 160cm ish i think??...
Today i weighed in at 91.4 so pretty stoked on that!! My goal is under 90kgs for Christmas.... My size 16 glassons pants are starting to feel a bit loose Very Happy

I followed the diet religously for the first week, skipping the snacks occationly cause i wanted to have them in the arvo... and then i'd forget and it would be tea time. Now i tend to be like "hmmmm what do i feel like" and just pick something off the Menu. I 'TRY' to exercise... most days... went for a run in the rain last night... not that i get very far lol...

Well yes Good luck for when you start detox... Keep busy!!



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