Rakies Diet Journal and yes Men need it as well.

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Rakies Diet Journal and yes Men need it as well. Empty Rakies Diet Journal and yes Men need it as well.

Post  brakz on Fri Jan 11, 2008 4:42 pm

Hi everyone,
Well the posted subject says it all. Even men need it as well and Boy do I need it. Ive been inspired by the comments that have been made thus far from within this forum and credit to all of you ladies who have made great gains in using this diet program. Thanks to Joanne for this. So where do I begin. Heres my weight life history.

Some 17 years ago I lived a very healthy and active life. Weighed in around 80 kg's. Very fit and healthy. I SCUBA dived in the Bay of Islands as this was my home area, did martial arts and became a 2nd degree Black belt as well as a instructor, worked out at the gym, did alot of running and tramping in the bush and was one of our local Scout leaders as well. So yes I had a very active life. I lost my job as a Freezing worker because our plant down sized and I was made redudant.

Well I left my home area 17 years ago to pursue and give my wife and family a new begining. I attended university in the early 90's as an adult student graduated as a school teacher, did more studies and did computering papers as well. I gave up my sports to concentarte fully on my studies. Now Im a lecture in computers sit all day at my computer in my office drinking pleanty of cans of fizzy and eating junk food. Attend meetings with more food, travel overseas on business meetings and eat more etc etc etc.

My weight balloned over the years and no longer do I have those 6 packs that my wife adored but now a keg. Now how sad is that. What really shocked me was just before Christmas. My daughter took some photos of me on Christmas day and how disgusted was I at how I looked. Big gut and all. Many of mates make the comment how much weight I have put on and remember me as a fit and healthy person that could jump and break boards barefoot. Now I carnt even bend over to do my shoe lace up. Anyway yada yada yada you get the message.

So my New Years resolution is to loose weight. So here it is. We have a school reunion coming up in April and yes I want to loose weight for this as well as well as being healthy and looking good again for my wife that I promised her this year I would. So heres my stats.

Age: 47
Height: 6'2"
Current weight: 101.2kg's (was 108kg's 2 weeks ago)
BMI 29.2 - Overweight
Short Term Goal weight: 90kg's
Long Term goal weight: 85kg's

Goal date to reach 85kg's - April 1st. Yes I know April fools day! But I'll have the last laugh. Ive got my plan yesterday which Ive started and will let you all know how it goes at my next weigh in date.

Thanks for listening and best of luck to all of you as well. Smile


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Rakies Diet Journal and yes Men need it as well. Empty Re: Rakies Diet Journal and yes Men need it as well.

Post  jomits on Thu Jan 24, 2008 12:50 am

Good luck and wish all the best. Hope to see more men here on this forum! Laughing


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