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whats Ok and whats no Empty whats Ok and whats no

Post  Brooke on Mon Mar 31, 2008 12:01 pm

Hi Brandy4u

I have but a few wee questions with regards to your weight loss plan. Im into my first week and starting to feel really quite hungry between meals. I know the negative calorie rule does not yet apply but is there any sort of snacking , perhaps fruit that is ok, without jeopardising my results in anyway. I admit that im starting to get rather hungry but if snacking on even apples or fruit is going to set me backwards, then i would rather just go without. Having busted my but for nothing haha. Very Happy

Also, im an avid fan of sushi. The typcial roll type with teriyaki chicken or avocado on its own. i always though sushi was good for you so is it allowed on this mean plan and if so, what type and how many pieces? It used to be fav. pic for my lunches. that and of course, the other naughty foods lol. But not anymore .

Also, is chai tea ok? There would be no sugar added and no milk?

Look forward to hearing back from ya soon



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whats Ok and whats no Empty Re: whats Ok and whats no

Post  lindee on Mon Apr 07, 2008 2:07 am

Hi Brooke

joanne (brandy4u) hasn't posted on here for a while and one of her last posts says she is really busy with her new job - she may respond if you send her an email directly.

how did your first week go? did you conquer the hungry feeling? Question

it may be a little late now but you could ease into the diet by starting with the week one kickstart plan and have fruit when you're hungry (even though you're not really meant to) but then week 2 repeat the kickstart plan exactly as written and hopefully your body will have adjusted enough to cope with the stricter regime. Smile

of course i could be completely wrong about that but it seems to me a sensible way to do it! Wink

as for sushi; it looks like about 4-5 pieces would have about the same calories as the chicken salad but the protein is quite low and the carbs are quite high so maybe a once a week treat Question

herbal teas are good - i use them to curb my hunger pangs when i get the munchies .... sorry, that should read i try to curb my hunger pangs when i get the munchies ... tongue

good luck flower

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